Jupiter Grading pricing guide:

*Currently mail-in grading service is on pause, we will repost the grading order form on this website when the service becomes available.

Pricing per card graded:$25.00
Minimum order:5 cards
Maximum approximated card value:$2,500
Turnaround time:25 days

*We cannot grade orders of less than 5 cards. Orders mailed in with less than 5 cards will be sent back without being graded. The customer will be charged postage.

*Currently, we cannot grade cards that have an assumed value of more than $2,500 by mailing in. If you believe you have a card worth more than $2,500 and you would like to request grading, please contact us first.

*Our expected turnaround time is 25 calendar days or less from the day we receive your order. This is an approximation only, although most orders are filled in within that timeframe, some orders may take more time.